Winning New Hampshire, by Write-In Vote
Saturday, March 12, 2011 at 8:37AM
W. R. in 1964, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr, New Hampshire Primary, Video, write-in

It's hard to imagine it happening now, but the winner of the the 1964 New Hampshire Republican Primary wasn't a declared candidate, nor was his name even on the ballot. Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., who was previously on the losing ticket as Nixon's Vice Presidential candidate in 1960, was the ambassador to Vietnam and had not set foot in the influential first primary state -- he wasn't even in the country at the time. Yet his popularity in the Granite State was undeniable, as he trounced declared candidates Goldwater and Rockefeller by double digits, at 35.5% to Barry M. Goldwater's 22.3% Nelson A. Rockefeller's 21.0%. See LIFE Magazine's original report here, on pages 32-38 and the newsreel report below:

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