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GOP Logic Exercises  

By William Rabbe on 01/23/2008

While logic most definitely does not apply to Presidential Politics, lets take a look at the following in the Republican race:

Huckabee vs. Romney = Huckabee

New Hampshire
McCain vs. Romney = McCain

Romney vs. McCain = Romney

South Carolina
McCain vs. Huckabee = McCain

Each of the big three candidates have squared off against only one main rival in each of the four competitive contests and until South Carolina, each had won only one state each. But McCain's recent victory has made him 2 for 4 and has provided him with that quintessential but unquantifiable ingredient: momentum. As a result, even Robert Novak has noted that the GOP establishment is coming around on McCain. 

With murmurs of a possible brokered convention, the convention wisdom cannot be ignored -- a McCain victory in Florida, this time against ALL his rivals, will consolidate his status as the GOP frontrunner and propel him far on February 5th.