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Mashable, 2/19/13 -- What if the White House Had a Show Like 'Downton Abbey'?

Read at Mashable.

It might be hard at first to see the similarities between the White House and Downton Abbey, a drama about aristocrats and their gaggle of staff, but trust us, it's almost as if the British show was created about the Obamas.

Namely, the extensive live-in help that the Executive Office must have. Who wouldn't want to see the drama boiling up between the White House chef and the presidential dog walker?


And just throw some period clothing on the First Family (Barack and Michelle are shoo-ins as Lord and Lady Grantham, and Sasha and Malia were meant to play Mary and Edith Crawley) and you've got yourself an international hit.

Video and image courtesy of YouTube, ChrisMatthewsShow.


Obama Meets "Mad Men" Parody, 3/25-3/28/12 -- VARIOUS 

We featured our own version of the "Mad Men" opening on The Chris Matthews Show, just in time for the season 5 premiere on AMC. Our take of this iconic sequence portrays the struggles of President Obama's 2012 campaign, showcasing his rivals and highlighting the issues that may complicate his bid for reelection in 2012. Below is some of the press the video recieved:

In addition, Politico's "Click" & The Daily Show's "Indecision 2012" Blog below:



Romney as "The Artist" Parody Trailer, 2/26-27/12 -- VARIOUS

The Chris Matthews Show celebrated Oscar Weekend with a movie trailer of our own, "Mitt: Better Off Mute". Much like the perfect silent picture star whose career was thwarted by the emergence of sound in cinema, Mitt Romney has stumbled when he's had to open his mouth... the following is some of the coverage the video recieved: