William Rabbe is a filmmaker and journalist with an enthusiasm for American politics and history. In his work he has interviewed hundreds of political figures, including John McCain, Joe Biden, David Axelrod, Michael Dukakis, Steve Forbes, Geraldine Ferraro, Bob Kerrey, Mark McKinnon and Bob Shrum. He resides in New York City and Washington, DC.

While studying film and TV at Boston University in 2004, Rabbe sought to explore the influence of the New Hampshire Primary over the presidential nomination process. His short documentary, Winning New Hampshire, covered the reversal of John Kerry’s political fortunes and was described by State Political Director Michael Chaney as the “definitive” film on the first presidential primary. It premiered at the New Hampshire Film Festival, with Senator Judd Gregg in attendance, and then aired on New Hampshire Public Television and The Documentary Channel.

After graduating, Rabbe joined White Mountain Films in New York where he worked closely with veteran filmmaker George Butler, best know for his documentary on Arnold Schwarzenegger, Pumping Iron. There, he worked on Going Upriver and Roving Mars, an IMAX about NASA's Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity.

In 2005, Rabbe set out to direct The First War On Terror, a feature length independent documentary about the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979–’81, America’s first encounter with radical Islamic terrorism.  The gripping story is told by over 30 of the principals involved, including the former hostages, their Iranian captors, Former President Jimmy Carter, his late Chief of Staff, Hamilton Jordan and Press Secretary Jody Powell.

When the presidential campaigns began in mid-2007, Rabbe partnered with Sarah Scully to become the face of 2008 Uncut, a weekly TV program that they conceived, hosted and produced for the Independent Film Channel (IFC). Producing over 50 episodes through November 2008, the series deconstructed the electoral process from a uniquely independent viewpoint, earning a Telly Award and praise from journalists, politicians and filmmakers.

Following the election, Rabbe developed a feature film about the scandalous Warren Harding Administration of the early 1920’s, titled Unscrupulous, before joining NBC News as a producer on The Chris Matthews Show. 

At present, Rabbe is a producer at Hardball with Chris Matthews at MSNBC. He is devoted to enlivening history and politics and continues to develop new non-fiction projects.



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