Narrative Feature in Development

A captivating tale of organized crime in the White House, Unscrupulous is a shocking 1920's-era thriller about President Warren Harding.

Unambitious and undistinguished, Warren is thrust into the spotlight after his neurotic wife Florence visits a fortune-teller who predicts his ascent to the Presidency. Despite his wish to lose gracefully, Warren unexpectedly wins the nomination though a corrupt bargain between wealthy oil barons and his wily campaign manager. Once in the White House however, the new chief executive finds himself in way over his head, not least because he has a dark past that threatens to catch up with him.

Warren tacitly allows the Federal Government to degrade into a profiteering venture where bribery, graft and money laundering are endemic. Unable to confront the members of his cabinet, Warren becomes an accomplice in some of the largest heists in the history of the U.S. government.