Winning New Hampshire: A Portrait of the 2004 Democratic Primary has been acquired by Documentary Channel and is programmed to run on November 30th at 8:00 and 11:00 PM EST. Described by former New Hampshire Political Director Michael Chaney as the “definitive” film on the influential primary state, it was the first completed independent doc on Presidential Candidate John Kerry and it examines one of the earliest competitions of the electoral process from every angle. “It’s a quirky film on a quirky state,” says filmmaker Will Rabbe, “voters in New Hampshire take their politics very seriously. That’s why they can brag a up to a 50% turnout rate for many of their contests.”

The film portrays John Kerry’s reversal of fortune against former Vermont Governor Howard Dean and captures the down-to-earth appeal that the candidates make as they stump across snowy New Hampshire. Featuring Kerry, Dean, Wes Clark, Joe Lieberman and John Edwards, there are also appearances by Martin Sheen, Carl Cameron of Fox News and a bizarre third party candidate whose legal name is “Vermin Supreme”. The film guarantees a mix of political entertainment and nostalgia.

Winning New Hampshire already feels like a period piece and it was only 6 years ago,” says Rabbe, “the modern electoral process has evolved tremendously since Kerry ran. However the strategic importance of winning New Hampshire remains.”

Catch it on Documentary Channel, Tuesday November 30th, at 8:00 and 11:00 PM EST. The Documentary Channel is available on DISH Network, channel 197 and DIRECTV, channel 267. For more information, click here


Every four years, American citizens perform their most sacred national duty: electing a President to lead the country. For the last six decades, the fiercely independent residents of one small Northeastern state have played a vital role in this search. Before the election, before the conventions, before a presumptive nominee, there is New Hampshire. Featuring John Kerry, Winning New Hampshire is the 2004 edition of this great American tradition and presents a distinctive perspective of the presidential selection process. 

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