By Gordon Cox
TV producer William Rabbe, who was co-host and producer of IFC's politico series "2008 Uncut," has optioned "The Ohio Gang," Charles L. Mee's 1980 book about the Warren Harding administration, to adapt into a political-thriller feature called "Unscrupulous."
Though Rabbe has already taken steps to determine the pic's narrative approach and streamline the plot of the complicated historical tale, he plans to hire a scribe to pen the screenplay. No director or cast is yet attached.

Harding, who was U.S. president from 1921 until his death in 1923, topped what is widely regarded as the most scandal-plagued political administration in history. The bribery-based Teapot Dome Scandal reps the best-known of a number of White House misdeeds, including marital infidelity, bootlegging kickbacks and possibly murder.

Rabbe said he is looking to partner with a production company on the brewing project, for which no timeline has yet been set.

He's also at work on a doc about the Iran hostage crisis.