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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Life Imitated Art in 'Wag the Dog'

    If you've recently watched Barry Levinson's famed political satire "Wag the Dog, you may notice how the scandal depicted in the film appears to spoof the real-life scandal that enveloped the Clinton White House in the late 90s.

    There's no question that the young girl who accuses the fictionalized President of sexual harassment in the film bears a striking resemblance to Monica Lewinsky, beret and all. Even the composure of the shot resembed the angle of the famous 'hug' shot, below.

    Yet the parallels were purely coincidental, as Barry Levinson later confirmed. "Wag the Dog" was released on December 17, 1997, one month before the Lewinsky scandal broke on The Drudge Report on January 17, 1998.


    Socks the Cat SNES Presidential Video Game

    It's not often that political satire makes its way into the video game industry, but that's exactly what almost happened in 1994 with "Socks the Cat Rocks the Hill". The Super Nintendo game was to feature President Clinton's first-feline as the hero pitted against villians such as Richard Nixon and other Republicans.

    Sound partisan? Its release was cancelled when Kaneko closed shop in the US, but a blurry video of the game can be found here: