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Entries in 2008 (18)


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Election*


Red State, Blue State

The traditional battleground states of Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania are joined by Virginia, North Carolina, Indiana, Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri and Iowa. Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully examine the shifting colors of the election map for IFC News.

It's the Economy, silly!

Sarah Scully talks to the experts about how the economy is effecting the election. 

Featuring Maria Bartiromo, Steve Forbes, David Halperin, Walter Mondale


Conventional Wisdom

Behind the scenes story of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, revealing the high and low points of each party's prime time pep-rally. With a diverse cast of characters, this special packs quite a punch.

Featuring Evan Bayh, Paul Begala, Tony Blankley, Tom DeLayTed KoppelWillie Geist, Charlie Rose, David Shuster, Richard Wolffe, Byron York, Walter Mondale, Morton Kondracke, Roy Sekoff, Joe Klein, John Kerry, Orrin G. Hatch, Eugene Robinson, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Rahm Emanuel, Craig Crawford, Chris Cillizza, David Brooks, Jonathan Alter, David Halperin, Michael Dukakis, Juan Williams, Roger Simon, Andrew Rasiej, Joe Trippi


Humor in Politics

Bill Bradley says humor is essential in keeping up morale within the campaign. Late-night comics count on election years to boost their ratings. Candidates themselves even try to make jokes sometimes. Rabbe and Scully speak with politicians, strategists and humorists about the role of comedy in the election.

Featuring James KoteckiBill Bradley, Steve Duprey, Mosheh Oinounou, Timmy Williams


Vice Presidential Speculation

Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully speculate on whom the candidates will choose as running mates and why.