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Entries in 2008 (18)


Fundraising 101

Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully explore how technology has changed campaign finance in 2008.

Featuring Frank LuntzSteve Forbes, Joe Trippi, Ron Paul, Brooks Jackson, Margaret Carlson, Bill Bradley


I'm With the Band

IFC News takes a look at the trials and tribulations of the poor downtrodden souls riding on the press bus. You will never look at a buffet table (or a urinal) the same way again.

Featuring David Brooks, Gail SheehyLee Cowan, Tucker Carlson, Maureen Dowd, Mike Gravel, Steve Forbes


Three's A Crowd

In this 17-minute election special, Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully take you to the starting line of the general election as well as Hillary Clinton's final frontier.  With coverage from inside the campaigns from DC to LA and various stops in between, Will gets a run down of arguments for staying in the race from the Clinton campaign while Sarah hops on the McCain campaign to catch a glimpse of the candidate with President Bush.  Will and Sarah get a thorough analysis of the McCain Obama match-up from political thinkers as varied as Frank Luntz, Joe Trippi, Byron York, Howard Fineman, Mark McKinnon and more.

Featuring Frank LuntzChris Cillizza, Lanny J. Davis, David Gergen, Daniel Klaidman, Dana Milbank, Terry McAuliffe, Mark McKinnon, Jonathan Alter, Joe Trippi, Howard Wolfson, Byron York, Ann Lewis


Anatomy of a Campaign Worker

Will and Sarah interview just a few of the hundred of thousands of people volunteering on the campaigns, sacrificing sleep and pay to knock-on-doors and wave signs. These impassioned volunteers explain what makes them tick and what they do on a daily basis.

Featuring Arun Chaudhary, Jessica Slider, Brad Bond, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton


The Primary Playoffs

Will and Sarah cover the results of the Indiana and North Carolina Primaries as Hillary Clinton reads the writing on the wall. 

Featuring Byron YorkCraig CrawfordDavid Axelrod, Nick Kimball, Robert Jackson, Doug Hattaway, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama


The Stump Speech

Will and Sarah dissect the carefully craft messages that candidates repeat dozens of times a day.  Reporters who listen to the repetition for a living, offer their own amusing takes on the topic, particularly Jennifer Senior of New York Magazine, who has McCain's stump speech down pat.  

Featuring Jennifer Senior, Roger Simon, Ken Walsh, Brooks Jackson, David Halperin, Mark Halperin, John McCain, Michael Dukakis, Bill Bradley, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton