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Entries in election (10)


It's the Economy, silly!

Sarah Scully talks to the experts about how the economy is effecting the election. 

Featuring Maria Bartiromo, Steve Forbes, David Halperin, Walter Mondale


Vice Presidential Speculation

Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully speculate on whom the candidates will choose as running mates and why.


Fundraising 101

Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully explore how technology has changed campaign finance in 2008.

Featuring Frank LuntzSteve Forbes, Joe Trippi, Ron Paul, Brooks Jackson, Margaret Carlson, Bill Bradley


I'm With the Band

IFC News takes a look at the trials and tribulations of the poor downtrodden souls riding on the press bus. You will never look at a buffet table (or a urinal) the same way again.

Featuring David Brooks, Gail SheehyLee Cowan, Tucker Carlson, Maureen Dowd, Mike Gravel, Steve Forbes


The Stump Speech

Will and Sarah dissect the carefully craft messages that candidates repeat dozens of times a day.  Reporters who listen to the repetition for a living, offer their own amusing takes on the topic, particularly Jennifer Senior of New York Magazine, who has McCain's stump speech down pat.  

Featuring Jennifer Senior, Roger Simon, Ken Walsh, Brooks Jackson, David Halperin, Mark Halperin, John McCain, Michael Dukakis, Bill Bradley, Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton


The "Youtube" Election

Will and Sarah speak with tech guru Andrew Rasiej, YouTube's Steve Grove, Bill Bradly and many others about how new technology has changed the ways voters and campaigns interact with each other, assessing which candidates have made the most of this democratic tool and revisiting the "Macaca" moment.

Featuring Andrew Rasiej, John KingGeorge Allen, Bill Bradley, John ZogbyHillary Rodham Clinton, Howard Dean, Steve Grove, David HalperinJeremiah Wright