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Three's A Crowd

In this 17-minute election special, Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully take you to the starting line of the general election as well as Hillary Clinton's final frontier.  With coverage from inside the campaigns from DC to LA and various stops in between, Will gets a run down of arguments for staying in the race from the Clinton campaign while Sarah hops on the McCain campaign to catch a glimpse of the candidate with President Bush.  Will and Sarah get a thorough analysis of the McCain Obama match-up from political thinkers as varied as Frank Luntz, Joe Trippi, Byron York, Howard Fineman, Mark McKinnon and more.

Featuring Frank LuntzChris Cillizza, Lanny J. Davis, David Gergen, Daniel Klaidman, Dana Milbank, Terry McAuliffe, Mark McKinnon, Jonathan Alter, Joe Trippi, Howard Wolfson, Byron York, Ann Lewis


The Neverending Story

Just when we expected the nomination battle to wind down, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama defy the conventional wisdom. As John McCain becomes the presumptive nominee the Democratic fight is to be continued... and continued and continued.

America's Next Top Candidate -- Special #1

In a super-sized special, Will and Sarah take step back to look at the election so far, putting the election in historical perspective with top politicos such as John Zogby, Margaret Carlson and Al Hunt, Will and Sarah speak with candidates current and former (Geraldine Ferraro) and get a shout out for IFC from Bill Clinton. This episode provides a highlights reel of the most entertaining moments in the nomination battle, including an outrageously funny interview with pollster Frank Luntz and former SC Governor David Beasley in the credit roll. Winner of a 2008 Telly Award