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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    New Year's 1871

    An 1871 Harper's Magazine illustration of increasing intoxication on New Year's:




    Barry Goldwater for U.S. Senate, 1952

    Arizona campaign ad: Barry Goldwater for Senate.


    Contradictory Views of Roosevelt as a Trustbuster

    Much like how President Obama faces criticism from conservatives as well as disaffected progressives and liberals, Teddy Roosevelt faced similar circumstances when it came to trusts -- below are two cartoons, one from Life Magazine depicting TR as protecting the trusts and a Puck cartoon showing him combat them: 


    Huh? LBJ & The Great Society Comic Book

    Below is a bizarre 1966 pro-LBJ comic book that glamorizes his concept of the "great society". Portraying the president as "Super-LBJ," a superhero who fights off Khrushchev, the KKK and the political establishment, it appears to be a rip-off of Superman, Batman and other popular comic characters of the era. The story also includes Robert and Teddy Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Hubert Humphrey, Ladybird Johnson, Richard Nixon and several other political icons of the 1960's. 
    The question is: why? Not only is this cheesy piece of political history embarrassing, but who was it supposed to appeal to? Teenagers don't vote. And if anyone can tell me why RFK is dressed up as what appears to be a teddy-bear, please let me know. 

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