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Entries in Primary (6)


The Primary Playoffs

Will and Sarah cover the results of the Indiana and North Carolina Primaries as Hillary Clinton reads the writing on the wall. 

Featuring Byron YorkCraig CrawfordDavid Axelrod, Nick Kimball, Robert Jackson, Doug Hattaway, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barack Obama


America's Next Top Candidate -- Special #1

In a super-sized special, Will and Sarah take step back to look at the election so far, putting the election in historical perspective with top politicos such as John Zogby, Margaret Carlson and Al Hunt, Will and Sarah speak with candidates current and former (Geraldine Ferraro) and get a shout out for IFC from Bill Clinton. This episode provides a highlights reel of the most entertaining moments in the nomination battle, including an outrageously funny interview with pollster Frank Luntz and former SC Governor David Beasley in the credit roll. Winner of a 2008 Telly Award


Super Tuesday Wrap-Up


Democratic South Carolina Primary

Will and Sarah return to SC to report on a very different style of primary race, analyzing the intensification of the Clinton vs. Obama battle with Rep. James Clyburn, questioning the campaigns (including interview with Hillary Clinton) and visiting with the Edwards campaign on what ends up being their last event. Will and Sarah also show a first hand account of the historic turnout at the polls.

Featuring David Axelrod, Hillary Rodham Clinton, James Clyburn, Doug Hattaway, Joe Trippi, Bill Clinton


Republican South Carolina Primary

Will and Sarah report form numerous locations in South Carolina on the GOP effort to win the elusive "southern vote," assessing the damage to the second, third and fourth place candidates as well as investigating underground negative attacks.

Featuring David Beasley, Mike Huckabee, David Brooks, Juan Williams


Surprise in New Hampshire


Will Rabbe and Sarah Scully report from New Hampshire on the Clinton comeback, the McCain jump start as well as touching on the beginning of "Obamania" and the Ron Paul Revolution. Setting up the stakes for the next contests, Will and Sarah speak to pundits such as David Brooks

Featuring David Brooks, Maureen Dowd, Rudolph W. Giuliani, Terry McAuliffe, Mitt Romney, Juan Williams, Steve McMahon