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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Bill Maher with Reagan, Ferraro and Dukakis

    Two ridiculous scenes from the little known 1991 film, Pizza Man, which features a 35 year-old Bill Maher and an assortment of 1980's politicians. In the first scene, Maher walks in on Ronald Reagan and Geraldine Ferraro having an affair and in the second he hitchhikes with Michael Dukakis. Enjoy:


    Geraldine Ferraro as "Liberty Leading the People"

    Long before John Kerry was criticized for "looking French" the Mondale Ferraro campaign had a unique and most bizarre take on Eugène Delacroix's emblematic painting Liberty Leading the People -- a poster with Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro in the place of Lady Liberty (and her badly illustrated running mate to the left):

    Luckily the artist remembered to sub in an American flag and kindly covered up Ms. Ferraro, unlike the scantily clad figure in the original:



    Bob Dole Wasn't The Only Former Candidate To Be In A Pepsi Commercial

    Former VP Candidate Ferraro. See my previous post on Dole here


    "Not Nice": Geraldine Ferraro Speaks About Her 1984 VP Debate Against George H.W. Bush

    Geraldine Ferraro passed away on Saturday March 26th, 2011. She was the first woman ever on a major party ticket and was known for speaking her mind and being unapologetic. While her selection was expected to breath new life into Walter Mondale's 1984 Presidential campaign, Mondale & Ferraro lost 49 states to incumbent Ronald Reagan. 

    One of her most famous moments of the '84 campaign was her October 11th debate against then-VP George Herbert Walker Bush. When Bush appeared to be lecturing her on foreign policy, she called him out for speaking down to her, accusing him of having a patronizing attitude. I had the pleasure of sitting down with her in the spring of 2007, and she spoke about what happened -- she also points out that Bush even bragged about "kicking ass" after the debate, take a look below: