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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Obama's Nicorette Habit

    President Obama inadvertently revealed in a private conversation at the UN that he has, in fact, quit smoking. But does he still chew nicorette? He did as of August 2011, when the White House released this photograph, showing a piece of unopened nicorette in the oval office. Can you find it? See the video to zoom in:


    Obama & McCain - the "Bromantic" Comedy

    Obama compared his relationship with John McCain to a romantic comedy on Leno - yup, there's a poster for that:


    State of the Union: 1962-2012 Word Cloud

    In anticipation of President Obama's February 12th State of the Union Address, I've compiled every speech since 1962 -- that's 50 years of SOTU addresses -- in one word cloud:

    No surprise that when combined, "America" and "American" are mentioned most, but the word "more" is almost tied for first. Also interesting is that "federal" and "government" appear above the word "freedom" and "united". "Program" and "programs," when combined, rank equal to the word "government" at the top.

    Here are the rankings,  most used words first:

    more all people new America year world years Congress American now government make one work help Americans every time nation Federal tonight country security last States peace tax other know budget first health children need most over because great many economy economic national only future United together jobs let about own some programs support just care program freedom nations here energy ask good system war Act billion continue million way percent give better hope today take free next state through come President well growth right families home want education reform made life spending any Union meet two plan policy say nuclear still working Administration progress again America's before increase history without past Social believe provide even both defense strong long against power trade like ago citizens best never century go high military opportunity


    Brushing Up On Swing State Recount Laws

    In preparation for Tuesday night, reporters, pundits and press may want to brush up on their swing state recount law -- below are the margins for automatic triggered recounts, margins required to request a recount and procedure for requesting a recount when no automatic or requested recount margin is written into the law.

    OHIO: Automatic recount if the number of votes cast for the declared winning candidate in a statewide election does not exceed the number of voted cast for the declared losing candidate by a margin of one-fourth of one percent or more of the total vote.

    VIRGINIA: A defeated candidate may request a recount of the votes if there is between any candidate apparently elected and any candidate apparently defeated a difference of not more than one percent of the total vote cast for the two such candidates.

    FLORIDA: If a candidate for any office is defeated by one-half of one percent or less of the votes cast for such office the board responsible for certifying the results of the vote shall order a recount of the votes cast with respect to such office. (Automatic Recount)

    COLORADO: An automatic recount of any election contest shall be held if the difference between the highest number of votes cast and the next highest number of votes cast is less than or equal to one half of one percent of the highest vote cast in  that election contest. Whenever a recount is not required and interested party (including a candidate who lost the election) may submit a notarized written request for a recount.

    IOWA: The board of canvassers shall order a recount if a written request is made by a candidate or any other person who received votes for the particular office in the precinct where the recount is requested not later than 5 pm on the third day following the canvass of the election in question.

    NEW HAMPSHIRE: Any person for whom a vote was cast and recorded for any office at a town election may, no later than the Friday following the election, apply in writing for a recount of the ballots cast for such office.

    PENNSYLVANIA: Three or more qualified electors in any general, municipal or primary election may file a petition for a recount by alleging fraud or error in the computation of votes cast for any office in an election district.

    WISCONSIN: Any candidate voted for at an election or any elector who voted on a referendum question at any election may request a recount. The petition shall be filed no later than 5 pm on the third business day following the last meeting day of the last board of canvassers.

    NEVADA: A candidate defeated at any election may demand a recount of the vote if within 3 working days after the certification of the vote the candidate files his demand in writing.