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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Fala - Still the Most Famous Presidential Dog

    Almost every US President has had a pet, but FDR's Scotting Terrier, Fala, is far and away the most famous  dog to ever occupy the White House - MGM even made a movie about him:



    Bill Murray as FDR in Hyde Park On Hudson

    The art direction of any history-based narrative film is expected to be top-notch. Judging by the promotional photos from Hyde Park on Hudson, it will be no exception. See how well matched Murray's pose matches Roosevelt's in the comparison below:


    Wendell Willkie's Anti-FDR Pins in 1940

    Wendell Willkie, the Republican opponent to President Franklin Roosevelt in 1940, released a particularly inventive series of Anti-FDR campaign pins, all of which derided the President in particularly blunt terms.

    Criticizing everything from first lady Eleanor to FDR's unprecedented run for a third term, Willkie used nearly every bit of dirt on Roosevelt that was at his disposal -- even insinuating and a third term was the equivalent of the Third Reich and the Communist Third International. 


    The Empire State Building Turned 80: See Al Smith & FDR at the 1931 Ribbon Cutting

    May 1st marked another anniversary in US history, the 80th year since the Empire State Building was completed.

    Constructed at the start of the Great Depression, the iconic 102 story building was erected under the supervision of former Governor Al Smith, who had became president of Empire State Inc. after his failed White House bid against Herbert Hoover in 1928. The working-class former Governor, who had pulled himself up from his bootstraps, was bitter in defeat and was equally perturbed that Franklin Roosevelt, a blue blooded aristocrat, had squeaked by to become his successor as Governor of New York.

    Al Smith appeared to temporarily bury the hatchet when they both attended the the ribbon cutting ceremony in 1931. There was an amusing moment when a member of the press shouted "Governor". To which Smith replied, "Yes? Which one?" See it below: