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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    JFK & Gov. Pat Brown Call Nixon "Nuts"

    Speaking about Richard Nixon's 1962 "Farewell Speech," newly elected Governor Pat Brown and President Kennedy reflect on the former VP's political meltdown. With choice quotes, "Wasn't that terrible?" and "I don't see how he can ever recover" and best of all, "I really think he's psychotic."

    Of course, Nixon did recover, winning the Presidency in 1968 and 1972.


    JFK's "Absenteeism" in the Senate

    Senators and Congressmen are usually vulnerable to attacks on their voting records -- and often their lack thereof. Hillary Clinton derided Obama for voting "present" in the Illinois State Senate and George W. Bush went after Kerry for his poor attendance at Senate Intelligence hearings. While it's an effective line of attack that we're bound to see again in 2012, the tactic is hardly new -- check out the below RNC pamphlet from 1960:

    The pamphlet criticized JFK's "absenteeism" in the Senate, referring to some 331 roll call votes that the then-Senator missed.


    Flashback: The Kennedy Nixon Debate in 1960

    Mike Dukakis, John Zogby and Ken Walsh talk about the first Kennedy Nixon debate in 1960:


    The Kennedys Miniseries on Reelz

    The orphaned TV miniseries The Kennedys, was finally picked up by Reelz Network after a tough fight to keep it on it's former cable outlet. The controversial drama will premiere on April 3rd, despite some setbacks -- and, it seems, they got the presidential portrait right-on:

    The left is the official White Houser portrait, on the right is Greg Kinnear, who plays JFK. I wonder what Seymour Hersh thinks.