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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Flashback: Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev, SALT II

    Luckily, Obama was spared such advances in his START negotiations, but apparently in 1979 Jimmy Carter was confronted with this awkward exchange with the Soviet General Secretary... because "Brezhnev liked to kiss" -- at 8:15: 


    The Political Faces of Andy Warhol

    "I've always thought that politicians and actors really summed up the American way"
    -- Andy Warhol


    Lending further credence to the saying that "politics is hollywood for ugly people," Andy Warhol's fascination with political figures extended well beyond first lady Jackie Kennedy.

    1. Ronald Reagan (a 1950's ad, painted in 1985)

    2. Maj. General Custer

    3. Teddy Kennedy

    4. Jimmy Carter

    5. Lillian Carter (President's Grandmother)

    6. Uncle Sam

    7. Louis Brandeis (Supreme Court Justice)

    8. JFK

    9. Richard Nixon


    What Do Teddy Roosevelt & Jimmy Carter Have in Common?

    A toothy smile. 

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