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    Anecdotal Observations On History & Politics

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    Vintage Crossfire Stills 

    CNN is rebooting it's classic political debate show, Crossfire, which aired from 1982 to it's cancellation in 2005. Here's a look back at some vintage stills, all from Youtube:

    1. Promo stills featuring Dick Gephardt and Newt Gingrich, who happens to be one of the four new hosts who will reboot the show.

    2. The old set and logo:

    3. Former President Nixon in 1984:

    4. A young Rush Limbaugh:

    5. The old title sequence:

    6. A young Congressman, Joe Scarborough:

    7. A very old logo:

    8. Former 1984 VP candidate, the late Geraldine Ferraro: